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Tattoo Artist.

Find the best ideas, Tattoo Artists and Studios from all over the world with Inksquad app.

From tattoo lovers, for tattoo lovers.
Users will be directly connected to carefully selected professional artists and Tattoo Parlors, they’ll be able to share the photos of their tattoos, create their own profile and interact with other users or Tattoo Artists. It will be also an easier way for arranging appointments, receiving clarifications to any doubt, finding cues and ideas in the gallery.
Inksquad for Tattoo lovers
Inksquad for Tattoo lovers
From the user point of view, Inksquad’s been designed to solve a critical and recurring problem of the people who want to ink their skin: finding the best tattoo artist to execute the chosen piece.

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The core feature of this solution is the algorithm that allows an automatic search of the most suitable Tattoo Artist for the realization of the desired tattoo.



Inksquad offers an exclusive selection of Tattoo Artists, carefully chosen by a team of experts and selected according to their technical and artistic skills and abilities.



Users may browse searching by style, body part, or location and find the best cues, artists or parlors.

Inksquad for Tattoo Artists
Inksquad for Tattoo Artists
Professional tattooers, with Inksquad App, can break down every geographical and physical barrier relying on an exclusive showcase for their own creations while reaching new targeted people and potential customers.


With Inksquad App, professional tattoo artists can easily create a personal profile (artist profile) with a gallery of their works.



The app allows getting in contact with potential clients in an easy and intuitive way, breaking geographical and spatial distances.



They have at their disposal a direct and preferential channel to chat with users (potential clients), get in contact with them and give real-time replies to their requests and doubts.