PalettePRO - Inksquad

Each image has a color palette.

PalettePRO binds the colors of an image to the colors of the catalogs of the major ink manufacturers.

Your tattoos needs élite palettes.

Inksquad’s PalettePRO drastically simplifies and streamlines the process of searching the colors to be used in the tattoo.

Create tattoo

It is an iOS and Android application specifically thought to simplify each artist’s process of designing the tattoo, starting from the first image to the final tattoo.


Color palette

PalettePRO is an innovative app that automatically generates the color palette starting from a chosen image (for example the sketch of the tattoo project). All the colors come from among the most used catalogues worldwide.



Palette pro has an exclusive academy that contains video tutorial, slides and exercises made by the best tattoo artists in the world.